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Reconstruction and reflections

Published October 26, 2011 by chchunka

Being  military wife I have come accustomed to doing it all, you know super mom/wife. My husband has been on a boat for the last 6 years. I find myself faced with new issues. Naturally I am use to all the control, not that I am a control freak but damn it was just me and the kids for 6 years with “visits” from the man I married and love.  So now I must be considerate and remind myself that he CANNOT read my mind.  Yet, when I do tell him exactly what I need from him or ask him to begin to help, I am the asshole?! It was sucky being apart don’t get me wrong but I got use to doing it all with no one to tell me, “hey good job” . I don’t get promotions or more pay. I get vomit and straight A kids. so with him being home every night, my feeling of self worth is lowered. I would like help with the kids. I have the house and cars taken care of but some “Daddy time” without mommy is over due and needed.I can handle the big stuff. I just cant be their Dad.

I get adjusting to the family has to be hard on him. I understand military life has its ups and downs. But this isn’t  The Sound Of Music, you don’t get to yell at everyone like they are your non-rate. I have been in command of this this land based house hold for over 13 years. I am all about sharing the tasks at hand but I’ll be damned if he thinks things will run “HIS” way with out a voice in the matter. Teamwork is why I got married and stay there. But I seems to go on to often that I am not getting the help I need and my self worth shouldn’t be under fire. if anything it should be built up. I shouldn’t have to worry I will be traded in.


Chambers unknown

Published October 19, 2011 by chchunka

As I stumble upon new fears and worries in my current life, I find I need to vent into the open. I need to share whatever fears I am concurring and the solutions I have come up with. My life story is not unique. My everyday American life may differ form some but I know I have a great amount of people who deal with whatever I deal with. I will not talk about the same thing, I am sure to bounce from subject to subject. The first subject I will talk about is my Short sale* and Military life. how I coup, or not. so many times I search the net for help on the subjects and turned up with very little.

*short sale- an act or instance of selling short. in my case a house. a step one can do before foreclosure.